Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fictionaut, Beckett, Sinclair & O'Brien

My pal Meg Pokrass invited me to join Fictionaut, where I've begun to post stories. Another new venue, another potential way to reach an audience. What should I put there? Any stories/pieces you wish were more accessible? Spending breakfast with Beckett today; but much to do. Found this program by linking to this short that also appeared on the DVD of Ian Sinclair's The Cardinal and The Corpse which my pal Pádraig obtained for me (ta!).

The title of this post strikes me as a bad name for a law firm. Somehow I expect they'd get little accomplished.


Todd Mason said...

"To ensure the ongoing vitality of the community while we work on technical improvements, Fictionaut is still in the invite-only stage. Sign up to be notified when invites become available."

Um, no. But thanks for wasting your time, Fictionaut, and mine.

But thank you, Kate for the link to Joyce and Beckett on the driving green...which leads one to a fine (if slightly, only slightly, overlong Charlie Rose's Last Tape as one of its links). Let Gawddo do that other stuff when it shows...

C. Margery Kempe said...

Wha?! Is that the only way in? You can't see the stories? Well, then that is a waste of time. I don't want to post stuff just for other writers! Feh.

Go to Feedbooks instead. Download freebies.

Hey, this conversation on Beckett with people like Albee and Turturro is quite interesting (and complete).

Todd Mason said...

Not solely for writers, mind you, or I could find my way in, having made well into the four figures in my freelancing over the years (I'll let that soak in in its majesty), but solely for the club. (I belong to exactly one list like that, which is like that to allow free expression by freelancers--but it's a chat list, not a forum for fiction or other art.)

Either put out your product or don't, but don't pull Studio 54 games, chumps.

Thanks for the further links.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Yeah, I'm not really interested in writing for a closed audience. I guess I ought to have asked more questions about the place. I was under the impression it was an open forum.