Friday, June 06, 2008

Son of Dracula Iron-On

Big thanks to Gene for scanning in this beauty:

Yes, it's the iron-on patch from the soundtrack album for the Apple film Son of Dracula, starring Harry Nilsson and, as Merlin, Ringo Starr. Thanks to the internet, I finally got a copy of the film some time back. It's not good (shock! horror!), but I have at last seen that for myself. And now I can share the wealth with you all. While chatting about the film last week, I remembered the iron-on which I was too indecisive to ever use (and of course, I figured I would no doubt set fire to the house trying to actually apply it -- don't forget I'm the one whose hairdryer started on fire just a couple of weeks ago). So, voilá!

You can find other lovely Harry stuff over at the always wonderful For the Love of Harry blog if this isn't enough for you. Yes, I ought to be thinking about (and doing something about) moving. I'm trying -- yesterday we had the slow leak in the tire patched and the suddenly broken trunk lock fixed. Later in the afternoon the tire blew while Gene was driving on the highway, so now we need a new tire. Sigh. As if moving wasn't horrible enough on its own...

Is it time to just set fire to it all? Ashes take up far less room than books.

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