Wednesday, June 04, 2008

House of Black Wings Trailer

Check out the awesome trailer for writer/director David Schmidt's House of Black Wings. I have read the script which was just amazing -- the film looks like it will live up to it nicely. David has made other terrific films like Sword of Hearts, Grave Invitations and The Lovecraft Syndrome, all of which I have loved.

Here's the skinny:
After a tragic act of violence cuts short her music career, Kate Stone is returning to a city full of ex-fans and ex-friends. Taking shelter with her last friend, a struggling artist named Robyn Huck, the two women work to restore the aging courtyard apartment building Robyn has inherited. But a terrible secret infests the venerable structure, and soon Kate will be haunted by horrific dreams, sinister apparitions, and the sounds of something moving in the walls. She will be dragged into a confrontation not only with her own dark past, but the unspeakable nightmare that lurks beyond the walls!

Coming this Halloween -- spread the word!

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Cranky Yankee said...

Oooh...a horror movie to look forward to. There are so few good ones anymore.