Sunday, June 10, 2007


Yes, home again home again, jiggety jig and a publication besides: Up Against the Wall is online with a spankin' new issue featuring all kinds of things you will want to read, watch and buy. I have a review of Bryan Talbot's Alice in Sunderland (more on that when I recap the trip), but you'll find all kinds of recommendations for your summer reading, so get those shopping lists out.

More news tomorrow -- I'm wiped out from three weeks in England (sigh!), a B&B Friday night, Elena's party Saturday and a stop by Robert's on the drive back home. Sleepy! But much to tell and I will get to it very soon.


Anonymous said...

"I have such an eclectic bag of tastes that it’s exceedingly rare to find a book that satisfies so many of them, but Talbot’s ALICE is one of those singular books."

i perused a copy at B&N--failing to get a copy for my birthday, need to return & obtain for the above reason--which are my feelings exactly :)

C. Margery Kempe said...

And if you go to London now, you can see many of the pages in progress in the Cartoon Art Museum, as well as many of the original artifacts reproduced in the book!