Sunday, August 06, 2006

Suomi Bound!

Off to Poughkeepsie for leg one of the long journey that will find me in Finland by tomorrow morning. Trying to make sure I have everything -- tickets, money, passport... I packed an extra bag for all the things I hope to bring back (thanks to Cassie for tips on where to shop for cheap!).

And no, Robert, I will not be bringing back a block of soapstone.

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Gene Kannenberg, Jr. said...

To Kate's friends and fans:

Kate called me about 30 mins ago. After a 24-hour day of travel (including a 3-hour layover in Helsinki), she's now comfortably ensconced in her hotel room in the city of Mikkeli. As its website tells us,

Certainly, Mikkeli is a combination of interesting history and traditions, active business, high education and research, culture, nature and internationality.

So Kate will be in Finn Heaven. BUT - I wonder if she'll take this golden opportunity to visit Finland's fourth-largest pothole?