Thursday, August 03, 2006

Saratoga without the Horses

We escaped the heat a little yesterday by heading up to Saratoga to see our friends Dan, Krista and Kaitlin. In an unprecedented move, the track had shut down because of the heat, so there was less traffic in town due to the lack of (what locals call) "track trash." It seems inevitable that a town dependent upon a particular industry has an ambivalent attitude toward that industry.

Our friends live in my dream house, dammit: A big old sprawling farm house with an orchard and a paddock. They're in the process of restoring it (when Dan's not attempting to saw off his fingers) and it's looking very good. We relaxed for a while as Kaitlin proudly showed off her Nintendog, then headed over to Mamma Mia's to meet Krista who, ironically, works down here in Troy. MMMmmMamma Mia! I have left overs. And a visit to Saratoga wouldn't be compete without a stop by Humpty Dumpty's for dip tops.

Thanks, Dan, for the mentioning the Albany Eye.

Still hot today -- it supposed to cool down, but there's not much sign of it yet. I need to go do some laundry, so I will have some clean clothes to take to Finland, but it's hard to get motivated in this humidity...

[This post brought to you courtesy of "Recover post" -- argh!]

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Crispinus said...

Well, I can call them "track trash" since I no longer live in Saratoga, and need not bow down to them for revenue.

The response of any true Saratogian to the influx between July and Sept. is to rent out one's house for obscene amounts, thereby absenting oneself and one's family from the madness, and still benefitting from it financially.