Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Perils of Research

I read with some amusement the story on the great Betjeman scandal of late. The New York Times has better pictures, but the Guardian actually spells out the offending phrase from the fake letter. I suppose the advantage of being a medievalist is that the authors are long dead and often anonymous, but the other scholars aren't!

I have to go turn off the radio now because NPR is talking to Pat Buchanan as if he were 'somebody' and not just a racist hate-monger. Yesterday, as I was driving home from campus, the NPR business show had a story on Wikia and the commentator referred to "chin rubbing academics" which annoyed me to no end. I still marvel at the anti-intellectualism of this country. We're supposed to be so concerned about education in this nation, but the truth is that there's a common tendency to disparage people with "too much" education.

And I do not rub my chin!

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