Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New York: Land of Red Tape

Okay, so we can't get our insurance cleared until we produce our marriage license. Do we have one? No. We had to fill out the form and mail it to Mansfield with a copy of our driver's licenses. And driver's licenses! Can you believe all the requirements needed just to get a driver's license?! Of course, Texas driver's licenses do not show the date issued, so we had to fill out another form on-line (at least it was on-line -- imagine having to do this all through the post) and PAY to have a driver's report sent to us that will confirm the date issued (supposedly). And then bring our passports and Social Security cards and a wad of money...

I wish we had national driver's licenses; or would that get too Orwellian? In smaller countries they have national licenses.

Well, despite the prevailing "opinions" about global warming, it's uncharacteristically hot today, so I think we will go to the mall and await the arrival of our various forms and certificates.

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Crispinus said...

New York, New York, it's a helluva state!