Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Orienting Myself

Actually, I suppose, not so much orienting myself as allowing other people to orient me to my new campus at The College of St. Rose. I have an ID now (which I know is genuine because the watermark on the ID says "genuine") and a parking pass, as well as an office which I have begun to unpack -- but certainly have not finished, in large part because (yes, everyone, all together now) there are not enough bookshelves.

The offices are neat because they're in houses that have been converted to office space, leading to unusual factors like having two closets in my office. They would serve better in our house (which has only one closet!) but, oh well. They will shortly become book storage spaces. I have windows that look out onto our verandah and Western Avenue. I'll have to take the PDA tomorrow and take a couple of pictures.

Writing across the curriculum tomorrow and dinner with some old UConn friends who also live here now; Thursday is President's day, then an Arts & Humanties reception and then out for drinks with some of the other junior faculty in our department. Somehow I will finish my syllabuses and another writing project due this week...

Although I hate to have this long vacation end, I'm kind of eager to start the semester and see what my students will be like. It's nerve-wracking (I can't find one of the texts I planned to start the semester teaching) but it's also a new adventure I expect will be a lot of fun. Fingers crossed!

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