Monday, August 09, 2010

Unikirja Book Trailer

Here's my new video, featuring the beautiful music of Ulla Suokko, whom I'll be celebrating this week over at The Women's League of Ale Drinkers, part of the month long festival of creative women. I'm trying to focus the rhetoric of these trailers on opening up the sometimes obscure titles of my books to give a sense of the flavor of the stories. You can tell me whether I'm succeeding.

I've kind of had the feeling lately of needing a dump truck to unload my head, so it's been good to work on a few things that use a different part of my brain. Some days just need to be without words.


Todd Mason said...

Good. As an advertisement for your work, I think the best-composed one so far...the text screens are up long enough for people to read them, the music is indeed very accessible and good, and the images are pretty cool (even if all buildings with statuary in alcoves tend to look the same).

I like the (I assume) intentional pun on "fabulous" in the one pulled quotation.

Now...does anyone stumble across these and watch them? Or do just fans of the writers whose work they're about seek them out? With luck, engine searches on Finnsih folklore, at least, will draw some eyes...

Todd Mason said...

Finnsih folklore, it's fishy after all.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Har -- thanks, Todd. Stephanie said this was my best effort, too. I am learning from my mistakes, I think. And yes, the music is *perfect*!

One hopes that people stumble across them, which is why it's good to add tags that will facilitate that. Cross-promoting with friends helps, with the assumption that the people who like you are likely to like your friends: so perhaps some of my readers who haven't already discovered the glory that is Ulla will do so, and perhaps a few of Ulla's listeners or students will want to try reading my book.

People looking for Finnish things on YouTube, or mythology may run across it an be intrigued. It's posted on Twitter and Facebook, too.

It's all about patience and the long tail; slowly building a reputation.