Thursday, August 26, 2010

BitchBuzz: Sugarbabes

Tip o' the pen to my pal Saranna in  this week's column:

Holly Hill and "Sugarbabes" as Surrogate Wives

Sometimes it's all I can do not to turn into Little Bunny Foo Foo and hop through this world bopping people on the head. No, not about the mosque—though that issue has exposed the ignorance of people too stupid to live (one would think) and the machinations of the corporations who manipulate their easily frenzied minds—no, this time I'm going to stick with sex.

A simple issue, eh?

Alert and sexy author Saranna DeWylde pointed me to a little news story on a Australian psychologist Holly Hill's book, Sugarbabe. The subtitle, The Controversial, Real Story of a Woman in Search of a Sugardaddy, just makes you want to sigh with discouragement.  This "naughty feminist" tells the folks at Lemondrop that 'Couples who want to stay together should try out "negotiated infidelity," with a "sugarbabe" who acts as what we can best describe as a surrogate wife meets Hooters waitress. And who, by the way, is paid for ministering to your man.' Hill writes about her own time as a "sugarbabe" so she knows whereof she speaks.

Well, sort of...

Read more:

Just kind of makes you shake your head, doesn't it?

My week has been busy with meetings on campus, getting the online class designed, and trying to work out the programming schedule for Albacon. The latter is a real puzzle turning vague general topics people have mentioned into snappy titled sessions -- that don't overlap too much, yet fit a wide variety of interests and offer something new and give all the participants something to do but not too much to do and make everyone happy. Okay, the last is never going to happen.

Good news to mention tomorrow, but I have to look over the contract first.


Todd Mason said...

I've commented on BB, but I'm not sure that wives are quite what that's a surrogate much as concubines, or is your point, and Saranna's...and even a non-feminist 10yos'...

Todd Mason said...

I want to chair a panel at Albacon about how lumpish middle-aged men are superbly deserving of completely doting sugar-mommas, not necessarily older ones, but you know, you take what you can get...right?

Please schedule it at 10:47p-1:03a PM on Sunday, into Monday, in the Main Ballroom. I'll need the following equipment: Cinerama projector and screen setup, 8-track quadrophonic tape-deck in perfect working order, Optigan organ and Mellotron (also in perfect working order, both), and a Umatic videotape and RCA stylus videodisc setup...all of this in place by 3p on Friday, and not touched throughout the weekend so I can come in and do technical checks at will. If the RCA playback skips or there are any typos on any document relating to my panel, which by the way should be made up of affluent and beautiful and generous women, I hope you know I will condescend at tiresome length before storming out of the convention center and back to one of my several comp'd suites in local and a few far-flung hotels. Can I get your confirmation on all this at 1:45p ET today? I can go as late as 1:50p. Thanks so much, you're a doll.

C. Margery Kempe said...

LOL -- yeah, you're all set. I've scheduled you in the slot opposite everything cool in the broom closet at the end of the fourth floor hall. 'Kay?

Todd Mason said...

Wait, no...that's not acceptable at all! Please see my reasonable list of imperatives above. I think you're not taking this seriously.

And shouldn't that be "broom-closet"? Please see the following style guides... ("Why are they letting a girl do this?")

C. Margery Kempe said...

C'mere and let me club ya, Todd.

I should make clear that none of the participants has been like this; I'm just proactively making sure complaints will be minimal (I hope!). I have heard horror stories from other con folk. It's a real headache trying to juggle all these different factors. If I had scheduling software... but I don't.