Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Experiment: Not Waving

The internet offers all kinds of ways to distribute writing. I've already put up free copies of this novel I wrote way back when I lived in Los Angeles. This is the one that an agent called "too relentlessly dark". Feh! Just because its title comes from a Stevie Smith poem about someone drowning -- ah well, some people don't respond well to mordant humor. The cover photo I took in New Orleans, when Wendy and I were wandering around. Hee -- still love that picture.

We'll see. I've put it up for sale as an ebook on Scribd. Just curious. I did try to make it more attractive than the freebie version at Feedbooks; I actually did some copyediting, added a cover and wrote an afterword about looking back at that time that seems so long ago. I gave it the modest price of $2.99, out of which Scribd takes a 20% commission + 25¢ for processing.  I may put up a few other things, eventually. It doesn't cost anything to try except the time spent preparing documents and yesterday seemed like a day to edit rather than write.

Not Waving

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Victoria Squid said...

Fascinating -- I wonder if that might not be a good way to distribute the WLoAD Journal.