Friday, June 18, 2010

BitchBuzz: Shakespeare Lunch

My latest column for BitchBuzz takes up another theatre experience:

Shakespeare for Lunch at the Bridewell Theatre

If you like your Bard on the light side, C Company and the Bridewell Theatre offer you the chance for a taste of the Elizabethan drama cut down for lunchtime viewing in the intimate surroundings of the tiny theatre. Tucked behind the historic St Bride's Church just off Fleet street, it's a magical little spot. Eat a sandwich in the churchyard, then pop down into the bar for a matinée drink before the performance starts.
This month it's Cymbeline, Shakespeare's confection about lovers parted, tokens given and true love bedeviled by the envious and unloved. Director Susan Bracken has a tight team of players who whip round the kerchief-sized stage with quick efficiency despite the constant changes. The entire cavalcade of characters is played by a cast of just four. Kate Brazel-Wood's simple but clever set makes it possible to change locations visually with only a small effect (which inevitably provokes laughter) while keeping the central conceit of a bedtime story believably present...

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Van Dyke Parks tonight at another Meltdown event; if all goes according to plan, Rude Britannia tomorrow. I should be working on my press release, but I may need to wander around town for a bit (always, always).

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