Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hot Times in NC

Genuine astronaut suit at the Museum of Life and Science!

Birdie flees a T-Rex!

In the Butterfly House at the museum, a wild array of pretties.

What happens when African elephants roll in the red NC clay: orange elephants!

Birdie pets miniature zebras at the NC Zoo. All these lovely pictures taken by Mildred AKA the Demon Den Mom, Mater Lachrymarum, usw. With luck she'll get the rest of them up soon! More later -- a deadline looms, I've had three hours of sleep and two flights, but I'm missing my gals! Thanks again to Mater Suspiriorum AKA Susan, as well as The Boy and the cats, especially my little pal Chelsea. Mildred and Birdie, hope you got home safely!


Todd Mason said...

Now, you see, I wouldn't've guessed that Mildred was the Mother of Tears. And, clearly, the elephant is using bronzer (German elephant, no?)

Apes are fun to lick, say an unusual number of housetigers. Whether they've decided we are filthy or merely tasty salt-licks is something they choose to obfuscate.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Aw, surely Mildred's made many cry.

The elephant was listening to Kraftwerk, so it's entirely possible.

I generally assume cats are just tasting us for later consumption.