Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My scheduled panels at Albacon (Oct 10-12) include the following (as of publication time):

In A Flash
"The challenges and rewards of telling a story in under 1,000 words."
Panelists: Mead, Schwabach, Laity, Strock(M)

Folktales/Myths in Fantasy and SF
"What folktales are ready made for SF&F? Which would you like to see? Which are overused?"
Panelists: Grotta, Doyle, McAfee, Laity, Rogow, Edghill(M)

Why write?
"It pays badly, you have to deal with constant rejection, and you spend your life typing. Why do you do it?"
Panelists: Laity(M), Grotta, Spoor, Frederick, Flint

Saving science fiction from academia(?!)
"Nowadays science fiction is being taught as literature and prediction, surely destroying joy and misinforming readers. What can we do to save SF from being studied to boredom?"
Panelists: finder, Halasz, Kannenberg, Miller, Laity(M)

Careful readers will be able to guess my opinion about the latter panel in advance.


Robert said...

All bacon? where are the relevant topics?

C. Margery Kempe said...

Right here!