Monday, February 05, 2007

Down to the City

I'm off to drive Gene to work then head down to the city to see Sophia Jansson (niece of Tove) at the Scandinavia House. I will be bundling up well -- brrr!

More later -- including a new contest with prizes!


Crispinus said...

"It must be mimesis or nothing." Yes. Whether or not Aristotle could divorce himself from the male gaze (probably not, judging from the Poetics), the questions of representation and imitation are sine qua non in any medium, but especially comics and porn (pron?) and any mingling of the two.

"...inevitably sounds like Boss Hogg on a particularly damaged day." Yeee-haw.

Now if I can only figure out how to order this book without getting Townsended.

Crispinus said...

Stoopid Google/Blogger account -- shunted my comment down here, rather than above.


C. Margery Kempe said...

Evil Google!

We ordered the book directly from Top Shelf ($5 shipping for this enormous box!) so I'm sure there would be no trouble. Since we're already "damaged" you could send it here and have it delivered by special couriers!

I get so irritated with people's inabilities to transcend arbitrary rules. I had a story rejected for being "too in-jokey" -- I guess I never thought of literary references as "in-jokes," but I suppose in a way they are. I find it frustrating that lit mags abhor anythign fantastic (unless it's by big name authors who increasingly turn out nothing else) but fantasy mags can't bear anything literary. Leaves me in a bit of a bind, I guess.

I suppose there's some hope -- I was reading with great pleasure the BFI book on the Wizard of Oz, penned by Salman Rushdie, because he does exactly that -- mix the high and the low, the real and the fantastic. While I woudl not be so bold as to put myself in his league, I do find some solace that it can occasionally be possible to succeed without follwoing narrow conventions of genre. One can hope...