Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snapshots from Boskone

Yolen reading, tribbles breeding, Coville teasing, Faye spotting, Adam meeting at my reading (only ten years late), dinner at No Name, seafood eating (yum!), horror panels, hmmmm: that needs more than a gerund.

Today there'll be pirates in petticoats, something on Klingon (calling on my language expertise, although I do not know anything about Klingon) and a signing. Then home -- and much to do there. And always a million new ideas after a con...

[By the by, Friday night's post did not come through perhaps because, as Gene suspects, the title, "Terror on the 13th Floor," set off warning bells at Blogger. I guess we'll never know, but it went like this:

Okay, I lie. We are on the 13th floor, but no terror so far (yay). We stopped by to see friends then got here about 9, so there wasn't too much going on, 'tho we did have fun competing in the trivia for chocolate panel!

Oh, there was the horror of sitting for half an hour in the bar for a drink and finally giving up...]

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