Monday, February 26, 2007


First, the good news that Gene Sr.'s procedure went well and he's going home tomorrow; thanks to all who sent good thoughts his way.

Saturday proved to be the usual Elena-fest of plentiful food and good company. The two birthday gals celebrated amidst many friends and endless vittles. Rod and Elena's friend Marcello asked how we all knew each other, which opened a flood of remembrances, including a few stories we had not heard, like the meeting of our hosts. Wonderful to share stories and food -- so much food (I hate to harp on it, but the joey Zone was FULL and that is something that has never happened in my memory).

The Kalevala Day celebration on Sunday prove to be much fun -- and with a surprisingly high turn out. Minna and I felt woefully underprepared, but our forgiving audience was generous and appreciative. We focused on Runo 46, the Bear, so we hope our offering pleased Otso. There was much talk and, again, good food afterward. It was good to be among the FAHS folks once more.

We stopped at Robert's on the way back, where he shared some good chicken soup and the box of memories from my folks, including my dad's hat full of buttons which brought back a lot of memories and whimsy. Back home again to catch the end of the Oscars, but an early morning and much work to do -- so I hastily scribe this before heading back to go to bed, to face my twelve hour day tomorrow. Ah, but next week is spring break, which stretches out before me as a good time to write, write, write -- I hope!

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Cranky Yankee said...

What a great party!! Elena RULZ!

Thanks for the goodies!!!