Monday, January 15, 2007

Publication: Icons of Horror and the Supernatural

Yes, it's already been out according to Amazon, etc., but my copy of this two volume set finally arrived today (increasing the likelihood that the check will arrive soon and at the right address). It looks good, as Joshi's projects generally do, and features writers like Brian Stableford, Paula Guran, Darrell Schweitzer and Richard Bleiler (as well as me, of course). My piece is on "The Sorcerer" throughout history from Lucian's Alexander to Alan Moore (thanks to Gene for the background on Doctor Strange).

A pity that I couldn't get my bio changed in time to reflect my new appointment at Saint Rose, but with luck that won't be changing any time soon, so future projects will have the right information. There's a small typo that misidentifies one of my works in progress, but again, that's a minor quibble. Surely any interested party will find my website easily enough.

We woke up to a coating of ice. If I had not played hookey, I might have had my class prep for tomorrow's start of classes done already, and thus I would have been able to stay home drinking hot chocolate and reading novels. Instead I had to be up early and in my office where I toiled to more or less feel like I have prepared for tomorrow. I'm teaching my first grad class! Exciting and daunting -- I'll have to watch that tendency to give them way too much work. But we start with Beowulf and end with Njal, so how bad can it be?


CL said...

Welcome back from Ol' Blitey!

Congrats on the new book! Can I have your autograph? :-)

We didn't get any ice or storm...just rain. The way the news people goes on and on, you'd think all of New England is coated in a foot of ice. Welcome to the era of fear mongering.

I believe the Asian Bistro is calling...

Bobby Kuechenmeister said...

Congratulations, Kate! Ice storms in Texas bought us all an extra day before starting another semester. I am starting to translate Beowulf this term working with Fr. Klaeber's text.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Hey Cheryl, thanks! You can have my autograph any time :-)

We got about a quarter inch of ice over everything but fortunately it melted by this morning (rained away). Now it's just as cold as can be.

Hey Bobby -- good for you an extra day, even if it comes from ice. Day one is done for me -- just got back from the grad class who seem reasonably enthusiastic. Ooh, Klaeber! I have my much annotated copy (copies actually, I think we may have three or even four! but you can never have too many Klaebers). Hael wes ├żu!

The Queen said...

Congratulations, Kate!

The Tate slides sound like a blast!

I guess I should suck it up & go to the much-hated Bushnell Theater to see Spamalot- you've seen it about 453 times, haven't you? :)