Friday, January 05, 2007

Hello from Hanwell

-- where we're celebrating Brad's birthday (how old, may you ask? Hmmmm, I've heard that he's 5 according to Sophie...) and had a very fine lunch and about to have some tea and more relaxing. It's a tough life, eh?

Well, after falling down in the hotel in Boston and banging my knees, things have only gotten better. There were enormous lines at the airport, but I got through in time and on the plane. Nice, quiet flight -- and I would have finished my book jsut as we were landing, but we had to hover around for a while which wasn't too bad because we had a beautiful view of London all lit up. I like the daytime flight -- no jet lag to speak of! Very nice.

Tomorrow -- History Boys, a little shopping and a party!


Gene Kannenberg, Jr. said...


Thanks to the miracle of Text Message Technology, I have learned that Kate planned to spend Monday evening attending a seminar on the Middle Ages. This seminar covers, in part, a discourse on the seasonal travel/habitation patterns of various avian species and the effects thereof on the dispersal patterns of large hard-shelled oval nuts with fibrous husks containing thick white meat surrounding a central cavity filled (when fresh) with fluid or milk. During the course of the evening's presentations, certain of the speakers demonstrate an innovative, non-traditional use of these fruits, producing great sonic and dramatic impact without the need for costly stabling fees.

CL said...

Sounds like rip-roaring fun!