Thursday, November 12, 2009

BitchBuzz: Hoax News

My latest BitchBuzz column manages to slip in a Fast Show reference before turning to its topic of the lack of critical reading skills by seemingly everyone on the 'net. Part of the phenomenon comes from the universal lack of time and also the ease of forwarding what looks like an interesting/amusing/incendiary headline without actually reading what it says -- or from whom it comes:

Isn't the internet brilliant?

You can talk to friends around the world instantaneously. You can send files to your editor with the click of a button. You can watch videos of shows you can't be arsed to watch in real time—or at least the highlights because there's far too much filler in most programs (doubly or trebly so if we're talking about awards shows).

But it's not all frivolity.

Twittering during news events has become the norm: the first high profile was perhaps the Mumbai hotel hostage situation, but all too many emergencies and natural disasters have proved the usefulness and immediacy of Twitter coverage whether it's wildfires in Australia or election protests in Iran.

Other outlets, too, have been used to keep those in power slightly more honest, e.g. this week's embarrassing moment when intrepid investigative reporter comedian Jon Stewart demonstrated the faked footage in Sean Hannity's use of old footage of supposed protests against health-care. We're on to you, people in the public eye, and we're not idiots. We're here for the little guy!

As always, read the rest at BB HQ and forward the link -- LOL, if you agree with it and after you have read it!


Todd Mason said...

What's remarkable is that it Takes a DAILY SHOW to call the likes of Hannity (not that most people take Hannity seriously, which might be part of the problem...because those that do take his show Very seriously).

Todd Mason said...

Your next column?

(also the link on my name in this case)

C. Margery Kempe said...

LOL -- I already tweeted about that very story. That's nigh onto eerie, Todd. Am I getting predictable?

Todd Mason said...

No. It's just so remarkably stupid and evil, that women are being encouraged and exploited to go in for anti-necessary surgery, that it seems a natural subject. Particularly when considered in the context of such real life horror as genital mutilation. Bad enough that boys are still getting hacked up, now that we have good soaps. Well, the luckier among us do, anyone likely to have access to a computer.

C. Margery Kempe said...

It's like the new Emmerich film: how safe and secure do you have to be to take glee in imagining the destruction of the planet? How bored, insecure and really really stupid do you have to be to want to have this surgery?

If you're thinking of having this surgery, go out and volunteer in a homeless shelter or a battered people's refuge or in an AIDS hospice and get a FREAKIN' clue about what's important.