Thursday, March 05, 2009

BitchBuzz: Touching my iPod Touch

Yes, I've got a new gig. My first piece is up over at BitchBuzz, the swanky on-line mag founded by Cate Sevilla. She put out a call for new writers on Twitter and accepted my piece about Ianto, my iPod Touch. I will have a piece due every Thursday. It's great to be a part of a swell bunch of women. I love the internet -- all this can happen so fast. Who's got the patience to wait for print any more? Not me!

Speaking of a swell bunch of women, this Women's Month Interview project has already succeeded beyond my expectations. I have loved the interviews -- and it sounds like you all do, too. I had an instinct that simply allowing my friends to speak would be amazing, but I had no idea how moving it would be. The only worry is will I have enough days in the month -- wonderful!

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Dana Fredsti said...

Sweet!!! Congrats on this, Kate! I'm off to read your piece...