Friday, March 06, 2009

Women's Month Interviews: Stephanie Johnson

Here she is, the Queen of Everything!

How do we know each other?
Through mutual friends at first, then more so through our own friendship.

How would you describe yourself?

Loyal, fair-minded, gregarious, a bon vivant, creative, intelligent, good sense of humor. All these wonderful things are tempered with impetuousness and cynicism. Fabulous creative problem-solving abilities. I can read people very well from the very first meeting, which is one of my favorite weapons.

In what part of the world are you located?

I'm located in CT, and it's ok. I'd rather live in Montreal, Edinburgh or London.

Where can we find you on the web?
Facebook and Raven's Ecritoire

What don't people know about you that they ought to know?
I bite my tongue far more than anyone would ever suspect....and as I don't always hold back, you may consider yourselves lucky that I do!

What's the most common mistake people make about you?
To underestimate me.  I think all women have to cope with that!

What are you most proud of having accomplished so far?
Seeing my creative endeavors in public spaces, whether tacked up on a wall or on someone's clothing. Learning to fly a small plane. Remaining open-minded and open-hearted throughout my life thus far....

What ambitions do you have ahead of you?

Finishing school, starting a creative career that actually may make some money, finding a new home.

What's the best compliment you've ever received?
I think they're all the best.  I'm always flattered and amazed when I get one! Being invited to participate in this questionnaire a great compliment.

If something great happens to you, how do you celebrate?
By passing on the good feelings to others. Wallowing in how great I feel.

What's your best method for coping with stress?
Cats, book, tea, friends, cooking. Not necessarily in that order!

What makes you laugh?

Almost everything! Mostly people -- they're so entertaining! But I don't laugh AT people -- I laugh because of them.

What makes you cry?
Injustice. Cruelty. Hate.

What do you love?
I love feeling that my spirit, mind and body are all together on the rare occasion that they are. My friends and family. Having free time to read. Traveling.

What do you loathe?
Insincerity. Bullies. Someone trying to pull a fast one on me. Anyone messing with my family or friends.

What's sexy?
It depends on my mood! And I'm too modest to go into detail...

What's the best advice you were ever given?
'Fake it 'til you make it!'

How should people be spending their money?
I think people should support animal & human rights. Excessive spending is odd to me, but then I've never had 15 million dollars to spend on books... Oh, and buy our t-shirts.

Which woman/women have inspired you?
Many! All who have overcome struggles; who make their voices heard (creatively & otherwise); who do things they way they wanted to; who celebrate and uphold other women. (Some men have inspired me too, but since they've always gotten a free ride, I don't feel the need to acknowledge them.)

If I gave you a million dollars, what would you do?

Cry. Laugh. Throw a party. Travel.

Thank you so much for being part of this celebration: you are absolutely fabulous!
No, YOU'RE fabulous!

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