Saturday, November 15, 2008


I glory at the wonder of the internet. I know it is fashionable to pooh-pooh its success, how it's turned us into a world of loafers who would rather interact virtually than actually. I know the tendency is there -- I Twittered about not being able to find my favorite sweater, so I know the trivializing tendency of it all.

But I adore the fact that obsessive-compulsive Stephen Fry follows my tweets as I follow his. I love that I can talk to friends around the world in real time and not always over the phone, because I will always imagine that I am better in print than in person. I love being able to bring up images of obscure medieval things in an instant for my students who have no idea what a wimple is or a rebec. I have more publishing opportunities than ever, because I'm not snobbish about print as "the only way to go". I get news from around the world and see films and hear music that I would never have come across before the internet. I was listening to Robyn Hitchcock sing at the Iron Horse while reading a review of Roy Blount, Jr.'s Alphabet Juice.

I love the lively interaction of languages across the globe and I revel in the ability to find cheap travel and obscure books. My mind is alive with ideas and inspiration right now. Life is good.


Unknown said...

Reading this post makes me very happy.

Unknown said...

Also: Regarding "...I will always imagine that I am better in print than in person."

Usually I'd say you have a wonderful imagination, but this time, I have to say that your imagination is R-O-N-G wrong :-)

The Queen said...

Oh, you are not better in print! It's just an....added application.

Cranky Yankee said...

Yes, I love the Internet, too! And after this past semester learning all I could about Digital Media and Technology, I'm loving it even more.

So take *THAT* all you Luddite historians!