Monday, May 12, 2008

Because I Will Forget

I read Iain [not M.] Bank's Walking on Glass partly on the trip to Oxford, then finished it in Kalamazoo. Enjoyable -- it winds three different stories together. Two strands are mostly mimetic realism (although one character seems to be given to some paranoid delusions), while the third clearly takes place in an unfamiliar realm. I wasn't entirely happy with it (mostly due to a tricky revelation at the end), but I enjoyed most of it -- after all, how can I be unhappy with a book that mentions Grettir's saga? I made sure to steal something from it (Eliot was right about some things) for the novel I'm finishing soon (which is to say I am creeping toward the end point, I think, I hope). I also loved his idea of Ethical Hedonism, defined by one character as:
Have fun, be nice, veer left and never stop thinking...

There are worse philosophies to have.

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