Sunday, May 11, 2008

And home again...

Saturday is often a comedy of errors at Kalamazoo: the best laid plans, etc. Don't trust me: lots of medievalists blog about the 'Zoo. I had dinner plans, but they relied upon catching up with other people. In between, I met up with one of my panelists at the wine hour and tried to find others; seeking out the mead tasting room, I ran into the "monstrous" folks (that's an indication of research interests, not character [for the most part ;-)]) and drank mead and, consequently, missed the phone calls for dinner. For myself, well, I could pay the price, but I'd invited the panelist along and had to apologize for the gaffe. But we went to dinner with the monster folk which was jolly enough -- who but monsters know how to laugh? -- and eventually went back to the monster folks meeting where ideas were explored for acronyms and journal titles.

Next I ran off to the UConn impromptu party where I was aghast at the choice between Miller and Bud until I found there were additional options on the floor. Then it was back to meet up with Miss Wendy and ply her with some Dickies to get her in the mood for the dance. MLA folks, eat your heart out -- while you feast on acrimony and stress, we medievalists dance. It is the heart of Kalamazoo. I made use of any friend who came our way to drag them out on the dance floor. Lacking my sweetie, who is always willing to hit the floor and have fun, I have to often drag the unwilling out (kudos to Will, who asked me -- you are a scholar and gentleman!). Dancing is a joy (although it also tends to remind you in the morning that it's not the years, it's the mileage).

Of course, Sunday morning panels come quite early after the late night dance, but despite the rain, I was there on time. All went well -- the panelists had much of interest to share and we had a lively session even at 8.30 am on Sunday. As soon as the panel was over, the three Furies headed back to Detroit in the rain, but I made my flight, fell asleep quickly and bit my tongue three times (ouch) and then was home where Gene made me chicken curry and we watched Doctor Who, Smallville and the latest episode of Cranford. Simple joys are best.

Tomorrow the summer immersion begins: what was I thinking?


Катя said...

Impromptu dinner with the monster people was AWESOME. Thanks.

Your Panelist

C. Margery Kempe said...

The monster folks were good. I think we got the better of the dinner luck that night. Go with the flow and things turn out well enough.

I couldn't believe there was still mead left at the end of the tasting. Thanks for being part of a terrific panel especially on a early Sunday morning!