Sunday, April 20, 2008

Steal this Book

Well, I can't afford it. From Fantagraphics, the latest from the wonderful Linda Medley:
Castle Waiting: The "Hand Made" Special Edition.
This ultra-deluxe, hand-assembled edition of the Castle Waiting graphic novel includes the following (click links for photos):

• full-color archival chapter-divider bookplates printed on acid- and lignin-free 50 lb. stock with pigmented inks; the adhesive is a permanent modified acrylic (no gooey rubber to gum up the works). Each plate measures 4" x 5".
• Tipped-in front endpaper plate.
• Gilded edge pages.
• Tiny flat two-sided solid pewter charm added to the bound-in ribbon bookmark. Measures approximately 1/2" wide x 3/4" high.
• Original dustjacket with brass protective corners. Reproduced from the vintage tooled-leather cover Linda's very own extra special personal copy wears. Printed in full-color on heavyweight glossy paper.
• "Liberry Card" set of three cards: includes a Library Card, Borrow Slip, and Author Card in an acid-free pocket affixed into the book. All are printed both sides on acid-free cardstock and each card measures 2.75" x 5.5". The Library Card is reproduced from a Victorian (circa 1898) library card, and the signed Author Card is in the style of cabinet cards of the same era.

Tip o' the blog to Gene-Gene, the book-buying machine, who's been posting archival materials from the Milwaukee years.


Susan said...

Oh My. What an absolutely gorgeous book. *lust*

The Queen said...

Wow - that's worth giving up a year's worth of visits to the Book Barn!

Library cards - how quaint.... :)

C. Margery Kempe said...

Ahhhh... the Book Barn! I have not been book buying in months, studiously avoiding the expenditure. No, I lie. Gene stopped by our local Book Barn (no comparison) a few weeks back and they had a bunch of DVDs (unusual for them), so I had to swing by and take a look, too. Found a couple of excellent, super-cheap buys.