Saturday, April 12, 2008

Are we really going out with him?

We're heading down tonight to see Joe Jackson with Robert. Flashback to the 80s? I suspect he'll be doing the more recent jazzy work, but those hooky singles were terrific -- there's not much more gleeful you can get than the lyrics to "On Your Radio":

Ex-friends, ex-lovers and enemies
I've got your case in front of me today
All sewn up
Ex-bosses you never let me be
I got your names and your numbers filed away
I've grown up
See me
Hear me
Don't you know you can't get near me
You can only hope to hear me on your radio...

From that great album, I'm the Man.

Yesterday, before we went to lunch at Karavalli's (mmmm), I spoke to Mary Meany's Women and Religion class at Siena College. I spoke about modern paganism and gave them a little more context than the essays they had read. Of course I managed to work into the conversation Jonathan Miller, Roald Dahl, Alan Moore, medieval history, Buffy and Charmed. It was fun -- different from when I spoke to Crispinus' class, but still a lot of fun. Talking to someone else's class, I don't have to worry about whether they're learning. Hee hee!

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