Thursday, November 01, 2007

Whirling toward World Fantasy

Non-stop craziness! Yesterday was a day of printing up multiple copies of three different plays for various submissions before running off to our lovely anniversary dinner. I just hope I got the right version in the right envelopes. There's one full-length play and two ten-minute ones; the latter are an easier way to get a foot in the door. The full-length play is Fiasco, which you can download and read (link at the right). The two short plays were written last June in London. They're both somewhat influenced by Beckett and Cook, so who knows what anyone else will think of them. They're the first two parts of a trilogy, so who knows what the third will look like? I'm reading a bio of Spike Milligan at present, so perhaps the answer lies there.

Off to World Fantasy in Saratoga tonight after teaching. The difficult thing will be to figure out how to choose between the embarrassment of riches. With luck we'll be catching up with a bunch of friends and seeing writers and artists we greatly admire. Best of all, we'll be staying with the Crispinus clan.

I'll probably bring my computer because I'm starting chapter 7 (of a projected 13) of the new novel and I can't be away from it for too long. As John Irving wrote, "You have to get obsessed and stay obsessed." True enough.

Thanks to all who wished us kindly thoughts for our anniversary! Much appreciated.

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