Monday, November 12, 2007

Jane Quiet rocks the world!

Elena Steier is ink queen of the world! Stop by the Goth Scouts pages and check out the latest inks of our joint project Jane Quiet. Is that a fabulous monster or what?!


Gene Kannenberg, Jr. said...

Excellent stuff, both of you! I find "mute" comics fascinating, particularly because they make the reader do so much work. But that's not to imply that the writer and artist don't do a lot of work - perhaps it's even more than a "regular" text/image comic?

Another question: Any hints as to how many pages in total we expect? I wants to see more of that monster - and to see how the plot develops!

CL said...

Okay, I posted this comment on Elena's blog...or I *thought* I did. When i went back to see any follow-up comments, my message wasn't there.


It's a cool monster, but it immediately reminded me of Robert Williams' monster from the painting that is on that Guns'N'Roses album.