Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wise Words from Ancient India

The Tirukural is an ancient Indian book of wisdom, written in Tamil probably between 100-300 BCE. I actually get a verse a day from it. Today's missive had a very striking comment with great resonance for me. In the email version I receive, it was rendered as:


The wound caused by fire heals in its time;
the burn inflicted by an inflamed tongue never heals.

I decided I wanted to see the original, so I GoogledTM for it and found this:

129. தீயினாற் சுட்டபுண் உள்ளாறும் ஆறாதே
நாவினாற் சுட்ட வடு.

The fire-burnt wounds do find a cure;
Tongue-burnt wound rests a running sore.

The art of translation is a lively one, but in either case, the sentiment is vivid and resonant.


Anonymous said...

Being Irish, the motto "Always forgive never forget" comes to mind. But being THAT type of Irish ;D i be an unforgivin' bastid as well IOW i be with Ye on this whatever the circumstances...

And! *in person* Sunday :D (keeps pincers crossed for the maintaining of The Good Weather Thang)

*hug* The Abominable JOEman

C. Margery Kempe said...

Fingers crossed -- it does look like we'll ahve good weather this weekend. Hurrah! Big hugs for everyone!

C. Margery Kempe said...

And from today's email:


It is always good to endure injuries done to you, but to forget them is even better.

But hard to do...