Friday, September 08, 2006

The Good, The Bad and the...Bland

We went in search of Mexican food last night. We knew there was not going to be a Tony's up here, but surely we will be able to find something good.

We're still looking: last night we tried Jose Malone's in Troy. It sounded potentially fun -- it's Mexican, it's Irish! Well, the pub next to it was jumping, but Jose's was just about empty. Maybe it was the $2 pints next door. Or perhaps not.

The first sign of dubious results was the lack of chips and salsa. There were chips, but you had to order them. Hmmm -- a Mexican restaurant that doesn't give you chips? Worse, when they came they were out of a bag -- or at least tasted like it. And the pico de gallo was fairly bland albeit fresh. Our entrees were disappointing -- fairly bland too, and my "stew" (I was expecting something like carne guisado) was a chunky tomato soup with a few hunks of meat in it. Eh.

So we're still looking for a good Mexican restaurant -- there are some to try in Albany, so more research will be done.

I forgot about a funny thing that happened in my Women & Spirituality class this week: while we were discussing the story of Isis & Osiris, a large spindly insect made its way across the floor and disconcerted a number of the students. We, of course, wasted valuable time discussing whether it was a centipede.

This morning one of my (apparently brilliant) students sent this link to a Wikipedia article on the centipede form of Osiris, saying "I can't help but wonder if Osiris was peeved about being called 'weak' during our class discussion. Perhaps he made a showing to defend his honor?"

It wouldn't be the first time...


rayloco said...

geez, doesn't sound like you were at jose malone's - our chips are made HERE - fresh - daily! we don't have a stew that looks like tomato soup.
Here is a review I just found online:
This Mexican-Irish restaurant on River St. is worth a visit from anywhere in the Capital District. The Mexican specials are extraordinary They offer delicious creative dishes with stuffed chile peppers and have some unique burritos and quesadillas. The chef does a fantastic job with combinations of fruits, nuts, veggies, and spices. There are chicken and pork dinners with sauces you just don't get anywhere else around here. Also there are the traditional Irish dishes like corned beef and cabbage, Shepard's pie, and Guiness stew.
the bar is well stocked with a great selection of beers and wine and they make some really nice margaritas. For dessert don't pass on the Key Lime pie or the flan.
Practically everything is made from scratch. Some of our food is quite spicy, while some is quite mild - just like in Mexico. It is a fallacy that everything is Mexico is spicy hot!

C. Margery Kempe said...

Hmmm -- bet that interview was written by the same person. Sorry, a Mexican restaurant that charges for chips and salsa is already on the wrong foot. The chips might be made fresh daily but they are not good -- especially for chips that are not complimentary.