Saturday, June 17, 2006

Thanks (while taking a break with the Beatles)

We're busily multi-tasking, recording laserdiscs onto dvds (right now, The Compleat Beatles) while packing and sorting, and slowly going mad. Well, I am. Gene is doing much better. I had to lay down on the bed with Kipper for half an hour or so just to feel capable of packing more. Argh. Somehow it will all get done.

Thanks, big time, are due: Last night we had a sort of farewell dinner, hosted by Pat and Peter, with co-sponsors Zoe and Stephanie. They made the Indian dishes while Pat made Mexican. It was all yummy and we all had a good time, talking until late and eating far too much. And of course Pat wouldn't let anyone leave without a stack of leftovers, so the fridge is full today. I had the little Hello Kitty I-Zone camera which proved fun for everyone, even though some the film seemed to be past date and a little off. But the pictures were a lot of fun -- something about Hello Kitty smiling at your makes you smile back. Even little three year old Aaron took some pictures.

All right, long enough break -- time to get back to work. And the laserdisc is almost finished recording!

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