Sunday, June 25, 2006

One Day to Go!

We slept a long time last night after take out from Thai Spice (mmmmm). Kipper is doing fine in the cattery (AKA Stephanie and Zoe's back room) although he hasn't made friends with Nick yet (Raphael, Sidney and Cookie have made no comment yet). He seems to have adjusted okay now, sitting in the window, eating and drinking a little. How the longer car ride will go, it's hard to say.

We had a lovely brunch at the Daily Grind with Stephanie, Zoe, Lauren, Jim, Ange and Nelson. So busy we had to sit outside -- as if we needed another reminder why we never quite took to the Houston climate! But at least it was shady.

We're trying to finish cleaning now. Thanks to Zoe and Stephanie for helping, although we couldn't get them to take very much of the food in the fridge (darn!), but they did take the big agave out front that's almost too big for its pot. Looks like we might have someone for the washer dryer, but we'll have to see. Then it's off to recycling for the second time and then back to Z&S's for a little Kipper time before we head over to Pat and Peter's for the night. We run a few errands Monday morning, then it's on the road again for us. So -- how much email access we'll have is uncertain (so keep those megafiles until later!)

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