Monday, June 19, 2006

Progress with a Hint of Panic

Packing packing packing -- and flooding today. Plans for first thing this morning had to change because so many things were shut down due to the excessive rain (including campus, our source of free boxes). Recording laserdiscs (The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao at the moment).

Have to remember what Gene says: it will get done.

It's not as bad as when we moved down here: packing at three in the morning, so tired that we'd forget to tape the bottom of the boxes before filling them.

The schedule: 24th = truck, 25th = cleaning, 26th = hit the road, stay in MS, 27th = Atlanta, 28th & 29th = Durham, 30th = Alexandria VA, 1st = NY. Assuming all goes well, and no disasters...(knock wood)


Bobby Kuechenmeister said...

Hey, Kate! Is Gene telling you "It will get done" the same as when he tells me "Stop worrying"? =)

C. Margery Kempe said...

Probably -- because he is right, and we're both just worrying needlessly. But sometimes it's hard not to do so. Argh. We both just need to calm down and be more positive! And it is getting done...slowly, but surely.