Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Peeps at London [2]

[Yes, Gene is doing much better! And I have reduced our vinyl collection by more than half]

You can find an unsorted collection of pictures here. I'll make an effort to sort things out later (really), but they start with pictures from the cruise.

After the cruise, a group of us headed toward the British Library. We met at the pub across the street to have lunch. There the students experienced pub service -- which is to say they were not happy and the service was not snappy. I was sipping a cream ale and it was raining outside, so I didn't feel in a hurry. Eventually we made it over to the Library to show the students some of the treasure, including of course the one and only (and slightly singed) Beowulf manuscript (everyone waited while I brushed a tear away), the First Folio (without which we wouldn't have most of Shakespeare's works--everyone waited while Merrilee brushed a tear away) and various other beauties the room holds from illuminated books to Beatles lyrics. We dropped the students off back at the hotel, and I set off to play hookey and have dinner with Brad and Liz and Sophie (stopping of course at the Book and Comics Exchange in Notting Hill Gate, where I bought ONE book, only one!).

The next morning it was off to the half price booth to see what was available: I got tickets for Smaller with Dawn French and Alison Moyet (directed by Kathy Burke). Since most of the students were off to Greenwich, Sandi and I went to Regent's Park which was simply gorgeous -- especially the secret garden. Lots of little ducklings around! I went out for sushi and then went to the theatre -- I swear that was Jo Brand in front of me at the counter! People had described the play as "about big women." Interesting -- while it starred big women, it was not about the subject at all. A rather dismissive assessment: what it was about was caretaking of the elderly and the strains it produces on both sides -- or rather on all sides, including those who choose not to do it. It was funny and moving.

The next day we decided to run the students by the half price booth on our way to the Museum of London, so they could see how easy it was. A number of the students decided to go to plays too and got really excited. Sandi and I got tickets to see Jeremy Irons in Embers. Several students gave presentations at the Museum; then it was off to the British Museum, where we had waaaay too much to see and do in one afternoon.

More to come...

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Susan said...

I will definitely have to keep the cruise in mind for next time we're over there. It looked like a lot of fun. Years ago, I did the Circle Line tour of Manhattan, and despite not wanting to go because it was "too touristy", really enjoyed it.