Wednesday, November 03, 2004

MZB Sword & Sorceress XXI

Now available from Amazon:

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword & Sorceress XXI, which features my short story "Sun Thief."

If you want to order it from your local independent book store: ISBN 075640195X.

See DAW books page for the collection,,,00.html?id=075640195X>here.

They describe it as: "The best-selling Sword & The Sorceress series continues with this thrilling 21st edition of all-original stories of action-packed adventure, ultimate magic, and fearsome, sword-wielding women by some of the best names in fantasy today."

I'm flattered to be in their company.

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C. Margery Kempe said...

See, sweetie? I fixed it -- it was just a coding error. Some spots on blogspot don't allow you to use HTML. But in this case, I just left out a bit of code. Thanks for getting me to tweak it.