Thursday, November 11, 2004

Another New Publication!

The Horror in Film and Literature group is now forever immortalized in print! Here's the new collection from University Press of Mississippi:

Horror Film: Creating and Marketing (and, Gene would add, Consuming) Fear
ed. Steffen Hantke

Hey! My name's even on the cover -- swank. My essay is "From SBIGs to Mildred's Inverse Law of Trailers: Skewing the Narrative of Horror Fan Consumption" and details the impact of the HFL on-line discussion list, a rather venerable group as internet lists go as it's been around for fifteen years. I'm a relative newbie, having been on it only 9 or 10 years.

No reviews yet on Amazon! Perhaps someone will leave one soon...


AlleyPat said...

very nice!

ulalume said...

Very cool. I, er, will add it to the wish list.