Thursday, November 11, 2004

And, yes, the third publication this month!

Gene has prompted me to post this one too, although I suspect few will rush out to buy this expensive and weighty tome (and er -- I have a pretty good number of offprints for friends :-)

Viator, the esteemed journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies: this year's volume features one of my dissertation chapters (revised) --

"Translating Saint as (Vi)King: St. Olaf in the Heimskringla"

This is quite the proverbial feather in the cap for my academic publishing. I owe immense thanks to Tom Hall, my committee member from U Illinois-Chicago (yes, he came all the way to UConn for my defence), for suggesting I send Olaf here.

Olaf falls at Stiklestad

Here's a picture of Olaf from the Catholic Information Network, which has a short essay on him here.

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