Saturday, September 03, 2011

Publications: Blink Ink & Scribing Ibis

Here's the lovely package you get when you order the Noir issue of Blink|Ink. And you will order it, won't you? It's got a lovely story by me and gruesomely hilarious one by Mr B (Paul Brazill) and loads of great photography as well as some terrific stories told in a flash -- and for just two bucks! A gorgeous little bit of mail to receive. I should also mention that the Scribing Ibis collection is now available at Amazon. It reprints my story "Sinikka Journeys North" along with a wealth of myth-inspired fiction.

The hell that is moving is over; big thanks to Robert for the final rescue (and sanctuary :-), thanks to Barb for giving Kipper a great foster home; thanks to Catherine for duty above and beyond, thanks to my pals on Twitter for listening to my panicky or whinging messages (especially @lochee :-), big thanks to Byron for a last burst of energy and to the countless others who helped, stored, or took things I needed to do without >_<

Not quite the foot massage I had in mind...

I had planned to have a bit of a lie in this morning, but this was not allowed.

Yes, multiply this by all the limbs (and stomach: how do you bruise your stomach? Very easily it turns out). Sore all over. The bruises will heal. And less achey already.


Todd Mason said...

Yikes...I hope that you easily bruise, that you weren't banging That hard into boxes and shelves and such...and that easy bruising isn't a bad sign other than a minor irritant. Glad you're resting up under the tender mercies of the Laity, including minion Laity Pooch (and what did I warn you about minions? They want to be fed.).

K. A. Laity said...

Connor in particular is a growing boy and wants to be fed quite a lot. I do tend to bruise somewhat easily, but I had been banging into far too many things with far too much force (as sleep-deprived folk are wont to do). I'm happy to say that many are beginning to finally fade a bit (ugly brownish-yellowish phase).