Friday, July 15, 2011

Readercon Day One

I suppose this counts as day two now, since we arrived last night, but Thursday night serves as a bit of a warm-up. Nonetheless, I had a panel straight away at 8pm, so we needed to be there relatively early. Normally it's a fairly easy drive but there was a lot of construction along the pike (and one bad shredded tire from a semi that couldn't quite be avoided—eek) and up 91 as we swung north to get Bilokur in Northampton. Mr B joins us fresh from the halls of the Cartoon Art Institute Center for Cartoon Studies. Long time no see, so it was good catching up.

We had Greek in Cambridge after picking up CD from the T and then headed back to the hotel so I could get ready for "We All Create, We All Consume" which focused on the blurring of the lines between readers and writers and all the issues that have developed from that in the digital age. It seemed to go well enough and we had a good crowd for a first night.

Later in the bar we suffered the entertainment; poor guy, we were not an appreciative audience because we were all there to talk—that's what writers do when they leave their solitude for a con. It was great to have a chance to catch up with Inanna and Morven whom I hadn't seen since last year's Readercon.

Today there are panels and I will probably be checking in at the Broad Universe table; later tonight is the Meet the Pros(e) event where everyone will be. At present chatting with Faye in the lobby. Oh, and here's Bilokur reprising his role as Rasputin in Hellboy.

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