Friday, October 29, 2010

BitchBuzz: Spooky Chicks

Setting off the Halloween weekend, here's my latest column in which I wax rhapsodic over some fave femme films (oh dear, alliteration overload):

Spooky Chicks: 4 Films Full of Female Mayhem

It's nearly Halloween and if you're like most people these halcyon days, you're feeling more than a mite pinched in the wallet and depressed about your status in the world. Doubly so if you are female, because we always bear the brunt of austerity measures.
Well, nothing raises the spirits and boosts the ego like a little female mayhem. Sure you want to go on a rampage through the high street and smash windows, but you'd also like to have the possibility of keeping your job and acquaintances. Better to snack on your favorite high fat snack and let these women carry out the bloodshed for you.

Read more: to see what films I recommend!

A busy weekend ahead: of course! So many Halloween things going on, it will be hard to choose. Definitely a bonfire out at Mandi's tonight with a bunch of folks and probably Sunday out at Mary's in Berne, but in between...? Still making up my mind. Maybe I'll just stay home and watch scary movies :-)

I have been quoted in this article from the Schenectady Gazette, but as it's behind a paywall, so you may need to take that into consideration. It's in conjunction with a spooky dramatic reading program that's going on Sunday afternoon by the Schenectady Civic Players. Not quite in time for Halloween, my zombie Western "High Plains Lazarus" will be available in the anthology Rotting Tales from Pill Hill Press next week. If you're on Facebook, you can see a teaser of the story there.


Todd Mason said...

Hey, the Distaff don't like to be called chicks, babe.

(The gashes...and even my trash-culture-loving friends couldn't believe Anyone would use that term, Real Life Horror if ever there was...get all mavericky when you don't show no respect.)

A few too many razors and such in SUSPIRIA for me (and not enough narrative), but I dig the other suggestions...among the best unknowing monsters, still more sinned against than sinning, might be the protag in CARNIVAL OF SOULS...while certainly Barbara Steele in BLACK SUNDAY might've helped inspire Elvira's look and approach as much as Maila Nurmi ever did...

C. Margery Kempe said...

You tellin' me, eh boychick? I have a lot of rock-n-roll type friends who insist on nothing less than "chick" -- must admit I don't much like it myself. Chickadee-dee-dee.

Yeah, Carnival of Souls is such a brilliant little gem. And Babs! Yes, in that mask in Black Sunday -- shudder! I was thinking of Rosemary, too, just because Mia Farrow looks so skeletal or The Hunger -- and well, this is how it goes. As soon as I think of one, I think of four more and soon it's just chaos. As it should be, as it should.

Todd Mason said...

You'll see at BoadiceaBuzz that I, too, was reminded of THE HUNGER...among others. And certainly there were plenty of monsters around Rosemary, including the director of the film version...

Jack C. Young said...

How about the witches in BURN WITCH BURN? Based on Fritz Leiber's CONJURE WIFE, which recounts an intramural struggle between two faculty wives for the advancement of their respective husbands. (The guys know nothing of all this, assuming their progress is all through THEIR efforts. Sound familiar, huh?)
The struggle reaches the point of supernatural murder and features a resurrected zombie, pyro-kinesis, and a stone eagle which comes to frightening life.
I guess Hell indeed hath no fury like a woman of power scorned.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Excellent suggestion! I love that book and the film is rather good. Yay!