Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blogs from Blighty

  • 14:18 is getting psyched about seeing the Pete and Dud play -- will Hind show before showtime? taking all bets now! #
  • 16:55 Well, well, well -- Hind showed and on time. Post theatre we're at the Greenman for drinkies. Review to come... #
  • 06:27 is ready to go Shooting Stars tonight! #
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Todd Mason said...

There's something inherently disturbing in that performer who plays the potato's friend...perhaps because he, in some of his other guises, reminds me too much of me, or what I could've been (and with suitable application, might still).

C. Margery Kempe said...

Matt Lucas is brilliant! And we got an update on potato's life last night. So do you have footie rompers, Todd? Do tell! Oh and when the episode airs you will me able to hear me laughing at the "small eyes" video because I was laughing harder than anyone. Vic rules!