Monday, June 08, 2009

Blogs from Blighty

  • 14:51 at the BFI -- tix for The Damned end of the month. Whoo -- Ollie. Great afternoon at the Tate Mod: futurists still in the future. #
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Anonymous said...

The WaitForTheBlackout Zone say:
Should be a good gig (Dave Vanian & the lads)-- the same we saw at Toad's at the start of May =)

Todd Mason said...

Demand that they do "Grimly Fiendish" and see what happpens...and no elbows in the pit. Meanwhile, IAFA waited till you were gone to sustain a thread on the Medieval and sf...

Anonymous said...

WFTB Zone rejoinders:

Nah, they didn't get anywhere near PHANTASMAGORIA-era stuff; mostly the new lp and '70s hits.

Cheryl at the front of the stage DID ask THE Captain Sensible to play "Happy Talk"

CS: "Dave won't let me!"

C. Margery Kempe said...

Sorry -- the film The Damned rather than the group, but I am seeing The Fall, The Buzzcocks and John Cooper Clarke on Wednesday!

Cranky Yankee said...

And here I thought Kate would be moshing her little heart out!

You can still do it at the Movies...but people would look at you funny.


Anonymous said...

The Visconti Zone clicks heels und adds:

Oh *that* DAMNED--Dirk, Helmut & a bunch of Reichers sitting around MANY dinners kvetching *stylishly*

Saw that on a double bill w/DEATH IN VENICE--what a fast paced afternoon! ;D

Todd Mason said...

I thought you meant the movie from the first...demanding that Macdonald Carey and Oliver Reed's images perform "Grimly Fiendish," while you swing arms up near the screen to clear a pit. CY has the right notion.

Yet the other THE DAMNED, Signore Zona, aka THESE ARE THE DAMNED. It's Loseytown, Teddy Boys, despair with one I, and all.

I was lucky enough to see DON'T LOOK NOW and THE COMFORT OF STRANGERS together for free at the fine National Gallery theater, first time for both, in a Venetian architecture double-feature...I still haven't seen DEATH IN VENICE to know whether it might've been usefully in the same series.