Thursday, December 11, 2008


Sometimes you just need something like this: George singing to you with giant toys -- what could be better? We've had freezing rain that has delayed my last final and (of course) made it conflict with other things so I won't see all of my favorite class on the last day of the term. Oh well, "all I have to be, is to be happy."

If only the director had gone with the wacky Georgeness, instead of trying to make him seem earnest. George was funny. They should have made more of that.


Todd Mason said...

One of the few rock videos I remember well from 1979, since our cable service somehow chose not to get MTV (it died not too many years later out of sheer uselessness--not that MTV was ever a prize, but it might as well have refused to pick up HBO or TBS at that time), and so NIGHT FLIGHT was my primary source for that sort of thing. Also, I'd always liked Harrison, but also thought it remakably static.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Night Flight I remember mostly for an exCRUCIATING interview they did with Kate Bush. I had the raw footage of it, so you saw how crap they were, how rudely they treated her and how gracious she was nonetheless.

George was so damn funny and hardly anyone made enough use of that (Lester did a bit: "Don't see many of these nowadays" or "Not a bit like Cagney") except his friends. I remember Clapton saying, "Quiet one?! You've never been to dinner with him."

The throwaway lines! He was on some talk show mentioned Eric's drinking problem and made the gesture for Airplane! and probably ten people laughed, but we laughed really hard! Wonderful.

CL said...

Night Flight! I actually saw some amazing videos on that show...stuff that MTV never aired.

Although we laugh at the early 80s, I actually look back with fondness at how people experimented with renewed creativity thanks to the new technology at the time.

People are now too jaded to get excited over new technology and what it can do. We use it and then quickly disregard it and move onto the next one before we can figure out all the exciting things the previous one does.

CL said...

Uh, this guy is spamming everybody's blog...including mine.

I don't know what his deal is, but watch out.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Thanks, Cranky -- he's gone now.

I loved the early vids that came out back in the day. Lots of fun and inventive stuff. When you can't just do it with CGI, you have to actually think.

I remember the interviews they had on Night Flight. I was a big fan of Billy Idol until I say their interview with him. Somehow exposing his dunderheadness killed my thrill. I remember him saying he wanted to make enough money to buy Bazooka Joe Bubblegum and "make it the way they used to make it when it was good." Ah, lofty ambitions.

The Queen said...

Billy Idol is hotter now that he used to be...not smarter, just hotter.

I liked NightFlight way better than MTV because they had far more videos - I remember early MTV being all Michael Jackson & MAdonna...