Saturday, September 26, 2009


So, my day started by waking up to this disturbing sight:

because I had stayed at Jenise's after celebrating her birthday with Cary Grant movies and some wine -- and then a little Hennessey. Yum! Of course it was more relaxing to know I didn't have to drive home that night and her guest room is quite comfortable and, as you can see, guests are carefully watched over.

Nonetheless I was up early to join friends for a day's retreat to relax and recharge at Universal Pathways. The lovely Mary Browne has created a gorgeous sanctuary in Berne, NY with acres and acres of countryside and forests, streams and a cave. We all wandered about in various locations then met up at the main building for lunch, then wandered off again, though many of us gravitated toward the cave for a little music.

While wandering through the woods I came across this tree that had been uprooted probably by high winds. There are ravens, turkeys, elk and more in the woods around Mary's. Pheasants too, I guess, though the only one we saw had been hit by a car on the road!

After wandering through the woods I came out into a wide field, still green, though the leaves have begun to change. I could see where the elk or deer had lain in the field, so with the midday sun shining bright I decided to do the same. There was hardly a cloud in the sky anywhere as I gazed up, and though the wind was cold, the sun was quite warm. It was like being ten again. Big smiles. Good day.


Anonymous said...

This sounds absolutely wonderful.

Alice Chang said...

When visiting my most common Other place to stay, real furries, cats, usually come investigate my readiness to feed them, particularly when their keeper refuses to stir from bed.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Kim it was a very lovely day indeed. Visiting Mary's sanctuary is always a joy.

Alice, the furry creatures of the house stick very close to Jenise, exhibiting no curiosity whatsoever about guests. They were more than welcoming once I came down to the kitchen for tea, though, so no complaints.

Anonymous said...

don't forget to check for ticks!

Enid Wilson said...

Your day sounded like the beginning of a story, K.A., very interesting.

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