Monday, February 23, 2009


Yes, blame me, mea culpa, etc. I have been overly neglectful of the blog this past week, but I think after nearly five years I've earned a little slack cutting. I hope!

I promise to do better this week as I countdown the hours to spring break (begins when I finish teaching Mar 4) and a number of deadlines (mostly Mar 1). Yes, I have been inordinately busy this month, but I'll be back to normal and ranting about various things, writing reviews, announcing publications (I hope) etc.

Short version: Dollhouse is a waste of time, Midnight Meat Train, disappointing (and Clive looks and sounds shockingly horrible). I did not watch the Oscars, so have nothing to say about them, though I do plan to say something about why that is -- but right now, I have to run.


Todd Mason said...

Sorry you didn't find any more meat to MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN than I did...very film by numbers. Pity DOLLHOUSE has been similarly lazy so far.

C. Margery Kempe said...

I couldn't even be bothered to watch the second episode of Dollhouse. The folks on the list who are continuing to watch can't even seem to work up much excitement, just hope (and like one of my colleagues, seem to be supplying all the cleverness they expect of Whedon that didn't show up on screen).

I had mild hopes that MMT would be better than it was, but not much. It took so little time to get to what I call the Land of Thin Premises (now, why would this be happening? why would this character do that? oh that's right, because the plot demands it). Bibb's facial work was really distracting, too. I hate all these bizarre nose jobs. Kitamura likes them eyes, though.