Saturday, December 29, 2007

Taking the Mountain to Mohammed

[Thanks to for the picture, where the lead story right now is the new Hello Kitty line for young males.]

We're off to Connecticut to see friends today, staying with Miss Wendy (who's also got A Hunt visiting), dropping by the Aloha Alcohula [CT's best tiki bar] to hobnob with the QoE and Johnny 10X and the Boojums. On the way back, we'll drop by the Vampire Bed & Breakfast to see the crazy mama herself and her handsome spouse. It should be fun (if I can get "Ironman" out of my head).

Yesterday we had a great (delayed birthday) lunch with the Crispinus clan at DeFazio's (mmmm!). Long-suffering uxor Krista was in good spirits and Kaitlin did not torment her papa too much. They loaded us up with a plethora of cookies through which we have already been making our way (mmmm again!). Thanks, you guys!


Elena Steier said...

We are so looking forward to the Wombat invasion!

The Queen said...

Thanks for taking the journey to the Aloha Alcohula! It was so great to see you!

And thanks for all the writing in the AA register- much fun reading that the next day!

And next time, us Young Turks will be visiting the mountains...