Monday, April 30, 2007


Hee hee -- a badge of honor: we have been spoofed in Elena's very fine comic strip, The Goth Scouts, today. Whoo hoo -- we join the ranks of other proud spoofees like most of the Bush entourage (in a less kindly way), Johnny 10X and the joey Zone.

It's Walpurgisnacht (well, Walpurgismorgen?) which of course makes me think of the story I wrote with that title, which led me to a very nice comment about that story. Tomorrow is May Day, but I actually celebrated with friends yesterday at Peebles Island State Park (nice to have such a lovely park so nearby!). We even had a Maypole to dance around which, after a few glitches, weaved together nicely (I didn't think to take pictures, but here's the Bloomington Quarry Morris Dancers' finished Maypole). We even had a spiral dance that did not devolve into chaos (!) and, of course, lots of delicious food.

After that, sadly, I had to come home and grade. Ah well -- can't celebrate all the time.