Monday, March 12, 2007

Forthcoming Publications

N.B. I have had to finally join the herd at Google, so let's hope it doesn't have any effect on the blogs. The Google dashboard is supposed to be "better" -- we'll see.

Just got word today that my short humorous piece, "Corrections to the Rules for Fimble Fowl (for 3 or 4 Players)," will appear in the next issue of Wild Violet. I've sort of wandered back to humor by roundabout ways (as is, I realize, typical of my life). I have another piece out there with hat in hand, looking for a place to live, so we'll see what happens with that.

The ever fabulous Phil Nutman liked my hastily written review of Terry Gilliam's Tideland, which should appear in the next Up Against the Wall along with my review of Jade Warrior (which I am finishing, I promise, Phil!).

Coming up soon, too, is "Palakainen," a story based on the Kanteletar murder ballad of the same name. It will be in the pages of New World Finn, whose editor, the wonderful Gerry Henkel, has long been a supporter of my work on Unikirja (Dreambook), the collection of stories inspired by Finnish myth and legend.

Spring break is over and work awaits -- sigh! So much to do; I have to clear my mind of all the wild ideas I put there over the break.

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